Designed and Dreamed in Tokyo Daikanyama.

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illustration sac rootote

ROOTOTE is a Japanese brand known for innovating a simple tote into an active, stylish and functional bag highlighting Japanese street-fashion.

ROOTOTE is sold in more than 200 stores all over Japan and Asia. 2020 is the new launch for Europe.

ROOTOTE focuses on form and function, designed to be the perfect companion for travel, sports and other outdoor activities. All bags are equipped with the patented « roopocket » and other useful features such as water proctection.

Marktote Regular

Marktote Regular Rootote 674001 Black

674001 (Black)

Marktote Regular Rootote 674004 Mustard

674004 (Moustard)

Marktote Regular Rootote 674005 Olive

674005 (Olive)

Marktote Regular Rootote 674006 Blue

674006 (Blue)

Marktote Regular Rootote Characteristics

Ceoroo Packable

Ceoroo Packable Rootote 193701 Black

193701 (Black)

Ceoroo Packable Rootote 193702 Gray

193702 (Gray)

Ceoroo Packable Rootote 193703 Olive

193703 (Olive)

Ceoroo Packable Rootote 193704 Mustard

193704 (Mustard)

Ceoroo Packable Rootote Characteristics

Ceoroo Tall

Ceoroo Tall Rootote 319401 White

319401 (White)

Ceoroo Tall Rootote 319406 Pink

319406 (Pink)

Ceoroo Tall Rootote 319407 Blue

319407 (Blue)

Ceoroo Tall Rootote 319407 Blue image
Ceoroo Tall Rootote Characteristics

Ceoroo Washer

Ceoroo Washer Rootote 326801 Khahi

326801 (Khaki)

Ceoroo Washer Rootote 326802 Black

326802 (Black)

Ceoroo Washer Rootote 326803 Blue

326803 (Blue)

Ceoroo Washer Rootote 326804 Gray

326804 (Gray)

Ceoroo Washer Rootote Characteristics

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