About us

Bringing « Pleasure » to the World
with What is « Inspiring » from Japan

Ever since our founding in 1982, Mark’s Inc. has poured all our energy into creating information, products, and venues that deliver surprise and delight to our customers.

During that time the axis of our business has shifted from publishing and editing to project management and now to becoming a creator company. Starting originally as a wholesaler, today we are rolling out our own retail operations, delivering our products directly to our customers via stores and e-commerce. We have continuously revolutionized our business model in pace with the changing times.

There have been dizzying transformations in that business environment in recent years, and today a complex, unpredictable environment in which pre-existing values no longer apply has become the new normal. A cycle of destruction and reconstitution of established businesses has begun in all market segments under the impact of intensified global competition and the rapid innovation accompanying ever-accelerating advances in IT technology. Renewal and rejuvenation become only more intense with each passing day.

Yet no matter the time or era, we human beings still pause to both fret and enjoy those pleasurable moments when we concern ourselves with the little things in life. « What clothes shall I wear today? What flowers shall I put around the house? What color ink will I use to write my letters? Surely that longing to live a pleasurable life where we can truly be ourselves will never change.

At Mark’s we aspire to be an organization that continually proposes new values for the pleasurable lifestyles of our customers the world over, even as we, as consumers ourselves, enjoy our own days treasuring those same « beautiful indulgences » ourselves.

Responding nimbly to change, constantly evolving our company, we will continue to generate new transformation to better offer new values to our customers. As we have always done so far, we will continue in the years ahead to contribute through our corporate activities to the realization of comfortable days, a comfortable society, and a comfortable future.

July 1, 2021

Yuya Takaghi

President and COO