nanoblock™ is a line of micro-sized toy blocks designed in Japan.

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What is nanoblock ?

it is building blocks in micro size!

what is nanoblock

nanoblock™ is a line of micro-sized toy blocks designed in Japan.

With studs measuring just 2mm high, nanoblock™ is an incredible micro-sized, toy building block for ages 12 years and up.

With nanoblock™ you can build mini figurines unlike with traditional blocks.
nanoblock™ comes in many different themes including : famous landmarks, animals, musical instruments.

nanoblock™ measures 1/8 size of the standard-size block, the original Japanese toy block for children that was released in 1962. nanoblock™ is the proud result of the continual development and improvement efforts by Japanese manufacturer Kawada.

Amazingly small micro sized building blocks

nanoblock™ is a micro sized building block that is just 1/8 the size of standard-size block. The smallest part is a mere 4×4mm !

Double ridged backing system makes such small size possible

Despite its micro size, nanoblock™ is just as precise as standard-size block. nanoblock™ can be as stimulating and entertaining a hobby for adults as they are for children.

What smaller blocks can do

Smaller parts make it possible to create more detailed and even smaller projects than what can be created with standard-size block.

standard size nanoblock

New nanoblock

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Naruto Shippuden
logo_Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Uzumaki - NBCC-134 - Naruto Shippuden nanoblock

Naruto Uzumaki / NBCC-134

Sasuke Uchiha - NBCC-135 - Naruto Shippuden nanoblock

Sasuke Uchiha / NBCC-135

Sakura Haruno - NBCC-136 - Naruto Shippuden nanoblock

Sakura Haruno / NBCC-136

Kakashi Hatake - NBCC-137 - Naruto Shippuden nanoblock

Kakashi Hatake / NBCC-137

Itachi Uchiha - NBCC-138 - Naruto Shippuden nanoblock

Itachi Uchiha / NBCC-138

Jiraiya - NBCC-139 - Naruto Shippuden nanoblock

Jiraiya / NBCC-139

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Mega Charizard X - NBPM-057 - Pokémon x nanoblock

Mega Charizard X / NBPM-057

Mega Charizard Y - NBPM-058 - Pokémon x nanoblock

Mega Charizard Y / NBPM-058

Mega Venusaur - NBPM-092 - Pokémon x nanoblock

Mega Venusaur / NBPM-092

Mega Blastoise - NBPM-093 - Pokémon x nanoblock

Mega Blastoise / NBPM-093

mininano Pokémon nanoblock - Electric Type - NBMC-08B

mininano – Electric Type / NBMC-08B

mininano Pokémon nanoblock - Fire Type - NBMC-11B

mininano – Fire Type / NBMC-11B

mininano Pokémon nanoblock - Normal Type - NBMC-14B

mininano – Normal Type / NBMC-14B

mininano Pokémon nanoblock - Pikachu hand

minano Pokémon hand

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Mini Collection
Velociraptor - NBC-362 - nanoblock

Velociraptor / NBC-362

Brachiosaurus - NBC-363 - nanoblock

Brachiosaurus / NBC-363

Ankylosaurus - NBC-364 - nanoblock

Ankylosaurus / NBC-364

Pteranodon - NBC-365 - nanoblock

Velociraptor / NBC-365

Velociraptor - NBC-362 - nanoblock

Hatching Tyrannosaurus Rex / NBC-366

Waterside Parasaurolophus - NBC-367 - nanoblock

Hatching Tyrannosaurus Rex / NBC-367

Deluxe Edition
Triceratops - NBM-033 - Deluxe nanoblock

Triceratops / NBM-033

Giganotosaurus - NBM-034 - Deluxe nanoblock

Giganotosaurus / NBM-034

Paris, Banks of the Seine - NB-057 - Deluxe nanoblock

Paris, Banks of the Seine / NB-057

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